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Bring Back Coffey Park and Gallaher Homes

Bill Gallaher started building homes one at a time in 1979. In those early years he personally designed the homes, created the architectural drawings, and built and/or managed the construction of each home himself. Those years of on the job-site experience gave him an intimate understanding of both the construction and development process. In the following years he developed and built a large array of projects: single family homes (including more than 400 homes in Oakmont), apartment buildings, office buildings, and shopping centers. In the last 2 decades he has focused on Senior and Assisted Living communities throughout the state under the Oakmont Senior Living name. Regardless of the project involved he maintains a commitment to high quality, beauty and, function, always with an eye on the changing markets. Bill is also the founder and Board Chair of Poppy Bank in Santa Rosa, chartered in 2005 and serving the local community since that time.

Bill and Cindy both grew up in Santa Rosa, and raised their 5 children here. Together they founded and supported the operation of North Bay Adoptions (NBA) for 13 years. NBA was founded during the time in which Bill and Cindy were adopting the second of their 3 adopted children as a resource for local families looking to adopt internationally. Cindy oversees the Oakmont Design department and is involved in every aspect of project design. Their daughter Molly oversees marketing for all their various endeavors, and their son Will works in the Site Acquisition department.

From Bill and Cindy:

As lifelong residents of Sonoma County we share in the sense of profound loss left by the devastating fires that swept our area the week of October 9th. Our personal losses have been multigenerational. In addition to losing our own home, our daughter Molly and her family lost their home, and Cindy’s mother lost hers. With each day comes some new memory of another piece of family history gone. Deeply grateful to be alive, unhurt, and to have found housing for our family, we are now turning to the future. We almost immediately started a course to rebuild our own homes, and as we did so recognized that most of the thousands of others who have lost their homes must find the same task daunting, if not impossible.

Bill and I have a deep and abiding connection to this land and community. In the wake of many losses we have witnessed an outpouring of support from local community members, each giving in ways they are uniquely suited or able. Our family wants to be part of that healing. Although it has been many years since we have built single family homes, we are uniquely positioned to be able to do so. Our company is vertically integrated and manages every element in project development: site acquisition and entitlements; architecture and design; construction and finance. Coffey Park in particular caught our attention due to the totality of the loss and our ability to move quickly to rebuild a large quantity of homes quickly. Our promise is to offer up to date floor plans with quality finishes at a reasonable price point. Our hope is to re-house as many families as soon as possible.

Meet Our Team

Meet the team that is helping to bring back Coffey Park, one family at a time.

Bill Gallaher
Bill GallaherCEO
Cindy Gallaher
Cindy GallaherProject Design
Molly Flater
Molly FlaterChief Operating Officer
David Hunter
David HunterDir. of Construction
Keith Fitzsimons
Keith FitzsimonsChief Financial Officer

Just A Few Of Our Latest Projects

Our team has been building beautiful communities, shops, offices, restaurants, and more throughout Sonoma County for decades. Here are just some of our latest projects:

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