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Looking to sell your lot? We can help.

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Interested in selling your lot? Our lot purchase program offers a great rate for your property with little wait time. Lots are priced between $105,000 to $125,000. Call today for your individual quote and close within 14 days.

Lot Purchase Program Details

Purchase prices range from $105,000-$125,000

• Receive an individual quote within one business day

• If the property has already been cleaned by FEMA:

• We will pay you in full for your property within 14 days of signing the contract

• If the property has not yet been cleaned:

• We will give you a $10,000 deposit at the time of signing. You will receive the
remaining balance in full within 5 days of receiving certification from FEMA that the lot is clean

*Our attorney reminds us to tell you that this is not a binding contract, meaning we need a formal written agreement signed by both of us before we have an enforceable deal.