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There will be a 10-year warranty on the structure of the home, which is a standard warranty in California. The roof will come with a 30-year warranty including 15-year non-prorated coverage and 15-year wind warranty coverage.

Our standard ceiling height will be nine feet. Some of our two-story homes feature ten foot ceilings on the 1st floor and nine foot ceilings in the 2nd floor. The larger one story homes also feature ten foot ceilings. Some half baths, laundries, etc. will be slightly shorter to accommodate ducts.

The water heater in each home will be tankless with a circulating pump; this will allow for hot water within seconds of turning on the faucet.

We are building all of our homes on post tension slab foundations.

Per code, the lot will be graded to drain away from the house to eliminate water pooling around the home. The absence of crawl-space below the home helps eliminate standing water under the house, which can increase the risk of mold growth and the need for sump pumps.

The water pipes will be a combination of copper and Pex.

Exterior walls will be 2×6 and the interior walls will be either 2×4 or 2×6.

Hardwired cable, phone, and internet outlets will be standard throughout the home in specified areas. Additional outlets are available as an upgrade. Our electrical plans are still being finalized; stay tuned for further details.

The walls will be fire taped, and painted as a standard; however they are not insulated, but can be as an upgrade.

The fireplace is a package to either opt in or out of completely.

The access point is typically in a walk in closet, but will vary per plan. The attic will be unfinished.

The siding is HardiePlank.

The front door height is 8 feet.

The front door will be T.M Cobb Fiberglass. All interior doors are T.M Cobb Carrara molded, high-density fiber board.

The cabinets will be constructed from alder or a similar wood.

The kitchen cabinets will have a gap on top. Typically, cabinets hang one foot below the ceiling height.

The cabinets will be modular.

Yes, all windows will be dual pane.

They will have a sill and an apron.

You may choose between gas or electric.

Yes, all appliances will be high efficiency.

Dimmer switches will be standard in the living room, master bedroom, master bathroom, and overhead lighting in bedrooms. More can be installed as an upgrade.

No, crown molding is not an option, but can always be done after the fact by the home owner.

The bottom, top railing, and newel posts will be stained wood. The pickets, also known as the balusters, will be made of a medium density fiberboard (MDF) and painted an off-white color.

Although fans are not something we provide, we will include additional backing for all light fixtures that are centered in a room which will allow for a fan if you choose to switch It out.

It will be a six foot, board-on-board fence made from either redwood or cedar. Wood choice to be determined by the general contractor.

This is not an option at this time.

No, we will pour a 3’x3’ area per code. You may have this extended by an outside vendor after the home is complete.

Yes the irrigation system will be able to power the backyard.

Generally, the property line is to the back of the curb.

We will repair all sidewalks and remove trees as needed. These details will be discussed in your custom landscape plan.

This issue is unresolved at this time, but we are actively working with the city on a solution. We plan to include sound walls as required for home owners choosing to go with our program.

The roofs will be constructed from composite shingles that are fire-rated per code. The color will be Weathered Wood for all homes.

The roofs will have a 30-year warranty, including 15-year non-prorated coverage and 15-year wind warranty coverage.

No we cannot, but a built-in solar conduit to the roof will be installed in all homes.

If you have the cash to build your home, we do not require that you get financing. The money covering the total cost of construction can be put into an escrow account and a third party will oversee the release of funds.

We are happy to work with any bank that meets our lender requirements.

If you do decide to finance with Poppy Bank, Poppy Bank’s construction financing automatically turns into a 30-year permanent financing loan after construction is complete, however you are not required to stay with Poppy Bank after construction. Poppy Bank has no prepayment penalties with this program, so if you are able to get a better rate elsewhere or want to use a different financial institution for any reason, you can refinance and pay off the loan as soon as construction is completed.

It sounds like you might be in a really good position with a lot of equity. A shorter amortization will make the monthly payments higher, but is something the bank representative can help us figure out. Some of our plans require no money down, using the clean lot as all the equity you need. Some people have additional funds from their insurance after paying off their mortgage and can choose to put this towards the cost of the house to keep their mortgage amount/ payments lower. We can help you navigate this process with the bank.

Each lot is unique; some lots fit a lot of our plans and others are more limited. A one-on-one appointment can be scheduled to go over the specifics of your lot and how each floor plan will fit.

While an in-person meeting is ideal, we can do everything electronically, by mail and over the phone.

We will not get involved in cleaning your lot; that is something you need to take care of.

This program is to build a completely new home. If your insurance company dictates to build a “like” home, we may have a floorplan that matches in size and would be acceptable within your policy.  Each situation is different, and we certainly won’t work for everyone.

That is not something that we are able to offer. Our program is to build a new home.

We take care of all permits, approvals and fees associated with it. It is built into our cost of $249- $272 per square foot, based on the size of the home you choose.

Pending all city approvals, we plan to start construction on the first homes in early spring. We plan for each home to take 6 months, and once we get rolling will complete 20 homes a month, or 240 in a year.

We offer an array of standard and upgrade options in our package, and our Design Coordinator will work with you on selecting them for your new home. Many people won’t upgrade the finishes as our standards are already the quality of a typical upgrade. When choosing upgrades, you will need to select the finishes out of what we offer; we are unable to do one-off requests. If there is a volume of similar requests, then we will look at adding it as an additional option. All finish selections are chosen and finalized prior to us starting construction.